Statiq.Framework Release 1.0.0-beta.21
Monday, August 31, 2020 in Release Notes
  • Added some optimizations for async file I/O.
  • Added overloads to FilterSources and FilterDestinations modules that accept Config<IEnumerable<string>> for the patterns.
  • Fixed IDirectory.GetFiles() and IDirectory.GetDirectories() to make sure excluded paths are excluded from the results.
  • Creating a ReadFiles module without any patterns now returns all files.
  • Added ExtractFrontMatter.RequireStartDelimiter() to require the front matter to start with a specified delimiter on the first line (for example, /* as the opening of a comment block).
  • Added IMetadata.ToJson() utility extensions to serialize an IMetadata object to JSON.
  • Fixed a bug where the EvaluateScript module would reset the document media type for content return values.
  • Added a new glob eval command to evaluate a globbing pattern against a specified directory and report all the matches.
  • Added a new glob test command to test a specified path against a globbing pattern to see if it matches.
  • Removes subresource attributes in MirrorResource (#127).
  • Updated Spectre.Cli CLI library for better console help messages.
  • Added a new ReadApi module for generally reading from an API client (#126, thanks @@unchase).
  • Added IBootstrapper.ModifyPipeline() to make it easier to modify an existing pipeline via the bootstrapper.
  • Added collection initializer and list support to the ExecuteBranch module.